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About Us – Boyd Medical

Boyd Medical is a health and care quality improvement organisation to educate and support healthcare professionals. Our mission is to positively change the delivery of healthcare to improve patient safety by supporting professionals, distributing knowledge and providing training to deliver a zero harm culture.

We want to inspire you to improve the quality of healthcare, be passionate about your role and invest in the people you help. We want you to never be afraid to speak up and say ‘well done’ as well as ‘I think that is wrong’. Confidence comes from training.

We bring together inspirational speakers from across the UK to share innovative ideas. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel.

We share the work happening around the UK to improve patient safety, save waste and cost and provide a better place to work.

Our Values

We are independent

We collaborate to make a greater impact

We are informed by evidence and experience

We bring a spirit of constructive challenge and an open mind

Boyd Medical believes that the guiding principles of ensuring patient safety in healthcare are the same as those centred upon medical ethics. The ‘four principles’ that guide ethical conduct (Beauchamp and Childress, Principles of Biomedical Ethics, 1989 – 2013 [7th ed.]) are the foundation. They should be at the heart of everything undertaken.


do good for the patient


do no harm


treat people fairly


the principle of the primacy of the individual and respect for their choices


The concept of autonomy, essentially, invokes the integrity and dignity of  the human person; the right of the individual to decide what is to be done with his or her body; and the right to make treatment decisions – in particular, to consent to or to refuse medical interventions. Often we speak of the right to self-determination.
This is now the central basis for medico-legal decision-making and dictates the course of both domestic and European jurisprudence.

We advocate a stop, look, listen and think approach.


stop what you are doing for a moment


look about you, look at the patient, look at what you are doing. Take a moment to consider what you are doing and why


have you got all of the facts, does the patient want or understand this treatment?


is this right, is this what is needed, is this correct, is everyone happy at what is happening?

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